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Robots + Summer + City = New song!

2009-04-05 19:05:26 by SupraDarky

I got some inspiration after watching a cartoon with some weird robots having a party at a beach and decided to make new song out of it! Summer is coming soon, let's enjoy it! /227281

The end of the song's inspiration comes from Donkey Kong Land on the Gameboy, a game I used to play on the beach as a kid. :P

I might think about making a sequel to that song and build on that last part since I have some ideas, so stay tuned!

Choose my next song's genre!

2009-02-14 00:23:09 by SupraDarky

Alright, I have 2 more busy weeks and then I'll be pretty much free. I have some tracks to finish, but I feel like starting a new one, finish it and post it as my next song here on NG.

If you've listened to some of my tracks, you'll know that I pretty much touched all the genres (almost) with Video Game songs being the most represented by far. So... what genre should my next song be?! So far I got some requests for more Ambient because of the recent success of Mystery in Space, others for VG remixes!

Taking it easy

2009-01-16 00:48:00 by SupraDarky

I've been taking it a bit more easy these couple weeks, which explains my lack of submissions. I played around with 8-bit sounds and came up with a little song though, so check it out!

I'll go back to working on some remixes pretty soon.

What I'm doing

2008-10-19 23:33:22 by SupraDarky

Alright just to let you guys know what I'm up to right now. I'm working on a full version of Fuzion and it's been taking most of my time when I'm on the comp. I'm not used to making this style of song so hopefully you like the final result. I'm also working on 3 different video game remixes, one of which I think you will really like if you enjoyed Fight and Hope!

Also, check out the very popular Bowser's Kingdom Movie flash that features one of my songs!

Busy busy!

2008-10-11 14:21:51 by SupraDarky

Thanks everyone for the nice support, with my FFV remix getting Top 5 and all! I'm very busy these days (exams) but also because I'm working on different songs right now! Mostly video game remixes.

Have any suggestions on remixes you'd want me to make? Post a game or a specific song and I'll look into it. You can also just tell me what's your favorite song I made and I can use that to create another song from the same game!

Check out my latest funky/jazz cover!
--Night in the City--

And if you liked Fight and Hope, check out something similar I made earlier this year! Wrath of Sinistrals


2008-04-07 00:40:06 by SupraDarky

Yep, it's all about diversity in here! Alright alright, mostly video game songs, but I love experimenting different genres! Video Game, Techno, Dance, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Ambient, Trance.
Welcome to my channel!

Hope you like this! Sonic 2's Chemical Plant


2008-02-17 23:42:44 by SupraDarky

What's up everyone? If you have any comments post 'em here!

Have a nice day.


2008-02-14 14:17:45 by SupraDarky

So I just realised one of my tracks not only is on the top scoring ever, but is #1...! I then check out the score... 3.79! Hahaha, awesome. And it's probably not going to stop diving. Can't say I'm surprised, I myself admit it's not a song that should be in the top list ever.
I recreated that song because I love the relaxing feel it has, and thankfully some people seem to be in agreement with me. It's really just too bad some people feel the need to 0 it. C'mon, at least a 2 and that's if you don't like it! 0 is total noisy trash. Ah well, as I said I'm not surprised, especially when it comes to a song that is supposedly #1 ever. I'm glad text reviews exist as they are way more positive overall!

PS: Making music is just a really fun hobby for me, I started making some maybe...4 little months ago? I love it and I hope I get even better. I made some big progress in a short period of time I think. :)

Have a nice day everyone! And feel free to comment too!


2008-02-09 23:49:24 by SupraDarky

What's up? If you have any general comments, post 'em here!

[SD] tags

2008-01-27 23:46:04 by SupraDarky

The only reason some of my tracks don't have the [SD] tag in front of their title is because there isn't any space left to type it, btw. Sucks. ;P