2009-12-09 13:10:08 by SupraDarky

Well that's a nice surprise. Only 4 songs after my last top5 (Electronic City), here's another one!

I'll be uploading a new song as soon as I'm done, hopefully you guys like it as well. If you have any suggestions, feedback, comments etc. feel free to post them! Thanks everyone.


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2009-12-28 19:45:05

can u plz make more songs like Voyage, that song was soooo awesome. I have to listen to it every day or i go crazy :P

SupraDarky responds:

I'm super busy with the holidays and all, but I'll definitely be uploading more songs when everything settles down!


2010-03-13 18:15:09

Yes I so agree with the comment below me I love your Voyage
And i'm sure you know about your song used in an indie game on Xboxlive
Called "The Impossible Game" kickass man



2010-03-13 18:15:36

Lol above me